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Traditional Pompeii pizza ovens are a popular choice of outdoor oven because of the flavour they give food, the short period of time required for cooking and the extensive period of time the oven can be cooked in for after preheating (Krieg.J (2015), Jeavons.R (2009)). Unlike restaurants and cafés though, the average person doesn’t need to be able to cook food in their pizza oven for such long periods of time (Richie (2015), Sarrah (2015)). This paired with pizza ovens requiring a large amount of fuel and time to preheat can deter people from building their own. (Krieg.J (2015), Loch.K (2015)) 


This issue will be addressed by looking at the physics and chemical understanding behind pizza ovens and rocket stoves regarding complete combustion and the different forms of heat transfer. From this a conclusive answer will be drawn as to whether rocket stove technology should be incorporated into the design of a domestic pizza oven.

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